Family Law Negotiation & Trial Representation

The majority of divorce matters can ultimately be resolved by agreement. This process of working toward settlement requires tactical positioning and proficient negotiation. The attorneys of Wayne and Jemilo know to find, address, and solve the problems which may arise in the settlement process. With compassion and expertise, they guide their clients through the complex and often overwhelming matters of workable parenting agreements, equitable division and allocation of marital property and debt, and determination of family support.

For those cases which cannot be settled, Wayne and Jemilo attorneys are also highly skilled litigators in all matters of family law. Even before a final trial, there are critical financial and parenting matters along the way which must be set before the court for hearing and ruling. Our attorneys prepare for each of these issues in the same meticulous manner as when preparing for trial. Wayne and Jemilo attorneys are experienced in discovering assets and liabilities, preparing balance sheets, identifying key witnesses or experts, and readying clients for testimony. Our attorneys recognize that each of these are important decisions in their clients' lives, and they are dedicated in pursing the best possible outcome.

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