Illinois Family Law Resources

Parenting Education Programs

Cook County requires all individuals going through a divorce with minor children to complete a parenting focus course. For information on County-approved parenting education programs and requirements, visit

The Center for Divorce Education's Children in Between Online ( The Center for Divorce Education's Children in Between Online is the only court-authorized online parenting education program. This online program is offered in both English and Spanish. You do not need a court order to take CIBO, and you can take it up to sixty days before you file your case. Please note that if you are ordered to attend mediation or emergency intervention, you will be required to complete the Focus on Children in-class parenting education program regardless whether you have completed this online course. After you complete Children in Between Online, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion," which is your proof for the court that you completed the program. Also note that the court can order either party to attend additional authorized parenting education courses.

Online Calendars for Tracking Visitation, Decisions, Emails & Related Information for Custody and Visitation Issues

Financial Resources

Social Security: SSA no longer issues the statements of earnings, but you can get an estimate of what you will receive by going to

Tax Statements: Request a copy of your federal income tax return from the IRS at

Credit Reports: You can request a free annual copy of your credit report at

Illinois Child Support Payments: Parents who pay child support may elect to have their payments direct deposited to the ISDU or may make payments online. Visit

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